If   you   don't   have   a  
                600   pound   gorilla   in
                 your   garage   to   help, 
                  Then  YOU NEED   the   


Do you have this problem?

                            No room in the garage!           


As life goes on we all seem to accumulate more and more things we need or want for the home or work.   The lawn mower , power washer,  generator, space heater, compressor, rotor-tiller, snow blower etc.  are all large items  that take up valuable garage floor space.  

    The problem with all or most of these items is they are: LARGE AND BULKY.  You can't hang them on the wall, it takes two people to pick them up safely to put on a regular shelf, and you could end up seeing your chiropractor for your strained back if done alone.

         You no longer need to leave your cars outside in the cold snow, or rain.

The Awevator is a practical evolution to this problem.

I have designed and invented the solution to this problem.

Introducing The Evolutionary

  The Awevator,  is   an   elevating   rolling   shelf  system  for your  storage solution.  With the push of a button, each shelf will lift up to 200 lbs and store your item securely up and out of the away.  Safety pins ensure no one accidentally pulls the rolling shelf out.  Plus, with a unique storing position all pieces are compactly tucked out of your way until you need it again.  When done put the elevator in position to store,  flip angle arms up and down, and voila it's out of your way.  With this awesome storing system all equipment is compactly tucked out of the way until you need it again.

Let   the   Awevator   regain   your   garage   space  now.  Store   heavy   equipment   safely   letting   the         Awevator   do   the   lifting.

Don't hurt yourself lifting!
                                                      Alfred Warner
Awevator by Awesome                       Biddeford, Maine 04005
Alfred@awevator.com                  207-423-7885

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